"24 Hours in Busol"

The Participants: "Take nothing but pictures.."
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Photos Taken by Art Tibaldo & Harley Palangchao
Photos Taken by Au Alambra & Roland Rabang
Photos Taken by the UC Environmentalist's Club
Photos by Felipe Antonio Buencamino & Brenden Kim Quintos
Photos Taken by Ompong Laudencia & Ces Garcia
Photos Taken by Laarni Ilagan & Francis Martin
Photos Taken by John Lozadas
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Wikimapia Screen Grabs of Busol

The Participants: "Take nothing but pictures.."


While in the forest, the participants were expected to take nothing but pictures, kill nothing but time, leave nothing but footprints and bring home nothing but memories.
As a follow up to the Eco-Warriors Powwow that the Baguio Regreening Movement-Air and Cordillera News Sgency started in 2004, this Busol project put the concept of eco-warriorship into action and introduced the use of a camera and the world wide web as a dual tool for environmental awareness and protection.
The Busol project was participated by media personalities Ramon Dacawi, Baboo Mondonedo, Au Alambra, Harley Palangchao, Laarni Sibayan-Ilagan, Francis Martin and Roland Rabang. Three students from the University of the Cordilleras Environmentalist's Club represented the College and youth sector. Baguio Artist John Lozadas, Photographers Ompong Laudencia and Ces Garcia and budding camera enthusiasts Brenden Kim Quintos and Felipe Buencamino completed the team of Busol documenters. Miss Jonalyn Ponciano of the Philippine Information Agency manned the secretariat at the base of the forest. A local ABS-CBN North Luzon ENG team led by Cameraman Dodie Mendillo also joined the activity and provided coverage that was aired in north luzon.
This pioneering effort hopes to generate consciousness among residents, developers and anybody who might be experiencing a similar scenario of gross neglect and disregard for their environs.













To Baguio's media community, the Busol has also become a rendezvous to reminisce and remember those who departed and joined the almighty editor in the great beyond. Trees were planted in memories of Willy Cacdac, Steve Hamada, Bagnos Cudiamat, Manny Salenga, Romy Bagbagen and Peppot Ilagan who together with four others co-authored the Eco-Walk Children's Environmental Program for the Environment in 1992.

A day-long pictorial at the Forest